“Once upon a time …”

… there was a decrepit old post windmill with broken sails, surrounded by derelict buildings and all sorts of junk which had been abandoned.  Only a few enthusiasts found their way to this monument to traditional technology and witness to an earlier way of life.

Back in 1842 farmer Auerbach had decided that although the land wasn't very fertile, he would be able to provide his family with a living by building a windmill on the site. It was no different in 1992 when the Pankonien family took over the farm and the mill. The idea which has today been put into practice arose during the uncertainties and opportunities of the period after reunification.

The first thing that was required was a thorough clean-up of the site. The aim was to ensure a livelihood, but this was accompanied by the dream that one day the sails of the old windmill would begin to turning again - in other words a small hotel with a cafe and restaurant, comfortable and inviting and with a close connection to the neighbouring mill.


The hotel and the windmill complement each other and it is this combination of old and new which gives Auerbachs Mühle its uniquely appealing character. From a conservationist point of view the demolition of the derelict former farm buildings surrounding the mill are no great loss. On the contrary, the restoration of the post windmill and its surroundings in line with the regulations on historic monuments has added a distinctive attraction to the town of Wolmirstedt. 


Thanks to the dedication of Erhard Jahn and Torsten Neitzel, specialists in the conservation of historic monuments, and six helpers the mill was fully restored and soon its sails were turning invitingly once more.


For more information please see www.muehlen-dgm-ev.de